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Geographic tongue indicates benign changes in the usual color and texture of tongue; does not require treatment, but some prophylactic measures may help

Gingivitis is the inflammation of gum tissue.

Gum boil: (See fistula).

Gum recession means the exposure of dental roots due to shrinkage of the gums as a result of abrasion, periodontal disease or surgery.

Halitosis is a condition of bad breath which is oral or gastrointestinal in origin.

Hematoma refers to the swelling of effused blood beneath tissue surface.

Hyperemia refers to an increased blood flow; may cause dental sensitivity to temperature and sweets; may precede an abscess.
Impaction refers to the partial or completely unexposed tooth that is wedged against another tooth, bone, or soft tissue, precluding the eruption process.
Malocclusion refers to ”bad bite” or misalignment of the upper and lower teeth.
Moniliasis, often known as thrush, is an opportunistic fungal infection after administration of antibiotic; not uncommon in the mouth.
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